Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pen Pal Day

Last Thursday we welcomed our French Immersion pen pals to our school. It was wonderful finally meeting them and participating in some fun activities outdoors.

Here we are working on a "Bingo des amis", then a "Summer inspired wordsearch" and to finish our morning we enjoyed a picnic together.

Pen pal day...Quelle belle journée! on PhotoPeach

To begin the afternoon we worked collaboratively in teams to build a "pyramid" that our entire group had to fit under.  What a challenge!!  This activity really put our creativity and problem-solving skills to the test.

We also had to remember the 3D concepts we had learned this year such as edges and vertices.  Using only newspaper and masking tape made it difficult to create a stable structure.  All groups really showed perseverance through this challenge.  Way to go!

We finished our day of fun with a soccer match...our two classes on opposing teams!

Merci pour votre visite nos amis!
Bonnes vacances d'été.

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Anonymous said...

Dear mme thank you for a wonderful year even thought its summer and I can't see you for 2 months I will always have memory's I hope you have a safe and fun summer
From grace r

Mme Sek said...

Chère Grace,

Merci beaucoup pour ton message. C'est vraiment gentille! Je te souhaite un bon été aussi et je te verrai en septembre.

De: Mme S.