Monday, October 22, 2012

Les Storybirds d'Halloween....oh la, la!

This month our class has been working hard at writing Storybirds "en français". 

Did one of these stories inspire you?

Which author used descriptive words to
 jazz up their story?

Enjoy these unique stories and we would love to hear some positive feedback.  
So feel free to leave us a comment!

L'HALLOWEEN!!!! on Storybird

Les zombies on Storybird L'halloween est supérieure on Storybird

C'est l'halloween! on Storybird L 'halloween! on Storybird La maison hantée on Storybird L'hallowe'en on Storybird


Anonymous said...

Bonjour mme.sekerek,
My favorite was Isabella's because she had a lot of descriptive words and it was a good story.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Nice books!My favourite book was Isabellas too!It was awsome1

From: Camryn.m