Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween memories

As part of our Halloween week of festivities our grade 4 class used an artist's technique called "blending" to help us create textured jack-o-lanterns.

Aujourd'hui nous avons mélangé les couleurs de pastels pour créer de la texture dans nos projets d'art.

Leave a comment to let us know how you have used colour blending in other art projects.
How does it change the look of your art work?

Les feux-follets en pastels on PhotoPeach

This next slideshow features our busy and 
fun Halloween day!

No bones about it ...Halloween was fun! on PhotoPeach


Anonymous said...

I loved that day, it was awesome because I got to do cool Halloween games. Kylie

That was a really cool day because we had a Dance-a-thon and raised a lot of money for our school. Savannah

That day was super cool because it was Halloween. Elijah

I had a really fun day because our class got to do Halloween activities. Liam

That was so fun because our class got to do a lot of Halloween centres and dress up. Grace

My face has been better! Elizabeth

I liked it because I liked seeing all the different costumes. Cameron, Brandon

I loved that day so much I wish I could do it again! Simon

Anonymous said...

I wish every day was like that!


Anonymous said...

THE video looked cool and I'm sorry I missed it. I was on a cruise having fun on the way to the Bahamas with my awesome family.

Connor M.