Saturday, November 29, 2014

Learning about DATA....and learning about Writer's VOICE

This past week students were challenged to create a graph when given a set of data.  Each group was given a different set of survey results.  The results were in the form of tally charts.  
They were teamed up with a partner or worked independently and had to decide which kind of graph to create to show the results of the data they were given.

Since this is a new unit it was an INQUIRY task as well. 
INQUIRY:  exploring and learning by asking questions
 Some students chose to look at books to look for types of graphs while others used IXL, an interactive math website our class uses to practice math skills.  Still others used Google to search different kinds of graphs.

They then created their graphs!

Afterwards partners were given questions to answer while they did a gallery walk of the different graphs.

During our consolidation(follow-up discussions), students were asked questions like:
What made a graph easy to read?
What made a graph difficult to read?
What was missing on some graphs?
What would you change to fix-up your graph?
Did the scale look right?
Are we able to know what this graph is about?

We were able to come up with a list of success criteria that we can refer to when making graphs.  
We want our data to be clear!

Besides for our math learning, we also worked on letter writing during our English literacy lessons.

We read a very funny and inspiring book:
This book taught us about author's VOICE and PERSPECTIVE.

These crayon characters were used to try to convince or persuade their owner to reconsider how he is using his colours.

We were inspired to write our own letters and draw illustrations that resembled those of this delightful book.

Which letter did you find entertaining?
Did any of the letters persuade you? 

We would love your feedback!
Feel free to leave us a comment.


Anonymous said...

Hey,luke here.I really like the all the problems that my classmates made.I really like Noah's,Haydan's,Nicholas's and Keegan's.I really like all of them.

Anonymous said...

I liked when Teryn mentioned the word obvious.

From Bridget.