Saturday, September 20, 2014

Patterns Patterns Patterns

This past week we have been working on creating different kinds of number patterns.
So far students have learned about three kinds of number patterns:  repeating, growing and shrinking.

Pop Quiz:

Next we started talking about geometric patterns
specifically REPEATING patterns.
Have a look at some of our creations:

Where have you seen REPEATING patterns in the world?

 Leave us a comment to tell us about where you have seen them and why you think the repeating patterns were used.


Anonymous said...

Hi my name Nicholas.
I see repeating patterns on clocks.
I see the hands on the clock go around from 1 to 12 and repeat each time.

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm Gail Kyra's grandma.I am looking forward to Kyra's EQAO marks.

Anonymous said...

wow this class is going well.hi my name is luke. i have 2 brothers, 1 dog and i used to have 3 fish. well tha...opes i forgot something. i love

Anonymous said...

hi my name is stephanie.I love art.

Anonymous said...

I see repeating patterns in the seasons (Fall, winter, spring, summer, fall, winter, spring and summer...)


Anonymous said...
Hello I'm Tom
Here is a pattern that I see on the fifa World Cup 2014 soccer ball. I see the colours repeating green, red, green, red. With blue on the outside.
Click on the link above to see the picture.

Anonymous said...

I saw a growing pattern in the houses small, medium, big


ally said...

heart beats is a repeating pattern in our lives.


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is NOAH! I see repeating patterns on foxes, tigers and zebras.

Anonymous said...

je m'appelle vois des suites dans les arc-en-ciel.Quel que fois tu peu fair des suites dans une arc-en-ciel.

Anonymous said...

hello my name is Cole. every day I see a pink punch buggy in the same spot.