Thursday, February 28, 2013

Les annonces publicitaires..Book Commercials!

Chers élèves,

Vous pouvez visiter Book-ish... pour voir nos annonces publicitaires (Book commercials).

Écoutez les annonces de vos membres de classe et laissez un commentaire pour offrir vos compliments.

Quels Voki aimes-tu...pourquoi?  
Est-ce que tu as été convaincu de lire un de ces livres?


Anonymous said...

Hi mme s my mom thought you might of made a mistake putting the Vokis on the blog because we could not see of hear them . Soo what is the clase doing in school ? Is there anything I can do at home because my dad says I might be staying home tomorrow because I have a fever . I'm really missing school can't wait to come back
Grace r

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

We miss you too! Hopefully you will be feeling better soon and back to school next week. Actually you need to click the "Bookish" word which is a link that will connect you to the page that I have published the vokis.
Enjoy and hope to see you on Monday!

Mme S

Anonymous said...

hello mme and class,I like Jaclyne's Voki because she was speaking very clear so it was easy to understand and I also like Isabella's Voki because the book was about sharks and she chose a shark as her character and she was also speaking clear too.

From: Hannah.W :)

Anonymous said...

Chère Kylie,

Tu as bien expliqué les animaux.

Hannah P.