Thursday, January 10, 2013


Welcome to 2013 grade 4's! 

 It's so nice to see the snow this winter and to be inspired to create winter art!

What did you like about drawing the cardinal?  What was tricky about this art piece.  Leave a comment to tell us your thoughts.

Le Cardinal d'hiver on PhotoPeach
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Our unit on Canada this term included a lesson about the famous Group of Seven artists who loved to sit and admire the beauty of the Canadian landscape.  

Their art work often shows trees, water and mountains.  
We are so blessed to live in this country!

After looking at various examples of their art work, our class began sketching a natural scene then working with pastels to blend colours and create textured pieces.   

To see more examples of their famous work 
 you can visit: 
Group of Seven
Inspired by "The Group of Seven" on PhotoPeach

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Anonymous said...

I loved mixing the winter colours. Elizabeth

I enjoyed drawing the cardinal because when I saw the examples, one of them really caught my eye. Kayne

I enjoyed painting the picture because it felt smooth when we painted them. Kaleb

It was tricky trying to make the branches look realistic. Grace

It was hard drawing the cardinal. Braydon