Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Talking posters...les affiches qui parlent!

Today we talked about how advertisers try to convince us.  We shared some examples of commercials that try to persuade us to visit a certain place.  We used this idea to inspire us as we wrote our own "Talking Poster" commercials advertising different provinces and territories in Canada.

By: Kayne

By: Hannah W. and Carson

By: Jaclyne and Kylie

By: Cameron and Kaleb
By: Josselynn and Josh

By: Hannah P. and Savannah
By: Camryn and Sofia
By: Noah and Simon
By: Brandon and Connor
By: Elijah
By: Isabella and Elizabeth

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Anonymous said...

wow, je veux vraiment aller voir ce bâton de hockey et cette rondelle à Vancouver!!! Fantastique Kayne!