Friday, September 14, 2012

What kind of virtual pet should we get?

Hi Grade 4's!

I need your help in choosing a virtual pet for our class blog.  It would be fun to use this pet as inspiration for writing activities and it would be a cute addition to our blog widgets.  

I have prepared a survey and need you to vote for your favourite virtual pet.  
Voting will close on Friday, Sept. 21st.
Please only vote once!

 You can also leave a comment to explain why 
you chose that pet.

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Anonymous said...

can you make a buny for a chose plise from:elijah

Anonymous said...

mme wai did't you publish it at 4:47.

Anonymous said...

i chose a hamster because there really cute and my friend used to have one and there fun to play with.


Anonymous said...

Hi i chose a monkey because it's one of my favourite animals and it's mme's favorite animal and monkeys are fun,funny and sometimes there cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jaclyne c.

Anonymous said...

hi everyone I like all of your drawings.I hope you all have a good yaer. from camryn.m

Anonymous said...

hi noah and jaclyne i think you guys have been working can you be my partner next time savannah