Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A mystery package arrived!

On Friday our class received a mystery package!


There was no return address so we had to use the clues on the postage stamp to figure out where it came from.

We noticed the Euro symbol and figured out it must come from somewhere in Europe!

 Check out these photos to see what we received:

Flat Jake has returned from...Ireland!
He brought along with him...so many new flat friends!

Our friends from Ireland also sent us some great pictures they drew to teach us the sports they play and how to write them in their language which is Gaelic.


Anonymous said...

I like the flat friends that they drew. Ela

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I am happy to find out about

Flat Jake and his flat friends

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs.Sekerak and the grade 2 class,
I think that it's really cool that we got flat friends from Ireland! It was really fun to look for clues on the package to figure out where it was from. Where will our next flat friend come from?

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I am happy to learn about
Flat Jake and his new friends


Anonymous said...

Hi my Grade two class,

I liked getting this package because it was like a mystery.

From Brady

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Sekerak: I liked getting the flat friends. I wonder if Mr. Segeren could play bench ball with us in gym? I wonder if he knows what it is?

Mei Ling

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Sekerak,

I think it was neat that a package came to us all the way from Ireland. It was very hard to figure out where it came from but it was fun.

From: Adam

Anonymous said...

I like see the flat friends from all over the world. I liked seeing my flat friend. It was cool to see him playing outside.

Have a good day

Anonymous said...

It was so awesome that I got a flat friend named Ava because I know a lot of Ava