Sunday, January 22, 2012

A busy week in grade 2...

It was an exciting week in grade 2 as we received our 2nd Flat friend.  Introducing "Flat Rasmus"!  Rasmus Klump to be precise, made the long trip from Denmark and is here to learn about Canada.  Our Danish friends also sent us some wonderful pictures they coloured for us, a giant flag, a DVD with Rasmus Klump cartoons and some Christmas crafts for next year!  

Our class really enjoyed watching the Rasmus Klump cartoons, even though we don't understand Danish because we were able to think about the story through the pictures!  We were also surprised to hear that some Danish words sound similar to English words.

We also had some fun with winter art this week.  Now that we have finally had some snow we were inspired to create "winter fun" collages and we learned how to paint a sky like Van gogh!

What kind of lines do you see in our skies?  

Painting like "Van gogh" on PhotoPeach

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Stefan Åge Nielsen said...

We are so glad to hear Rasmus made it all the way to Canada! We look forward to hear from you soon again.
Thanks from 1A, Vonsild School, Denmark